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Held on Friday 9th May 2008 7.30 to 10.30pm

Martlets Hall, Civic Way,
Burgess Hill,West Sussex, RH15 9NN

What a fantastic charity evening for MENINGITIS UK we had, it was so very uplifting.

Before the evening started all of the mediums linked with spirit in a short meditation, the energy and emotion was overwhelming that we all came out of the meditation with tears in our eyes, it was such a beautiful link with the spirit world.

The evening started with Mick Bassett giving a short talk about why the evening was created. It was about his 7th Grandson Harvey William Bassett who at 3 weeks old contracted Meningitis. We had a picture on the screen of how Harvey is now, Harvey was a very lucky little boy with the diligence of his mother who was not happy with the doctors diagnosis rushed him to the hospital and he was able to fight the disease and recover, with no side affects.

A lot of awareness was created that night for Meningitis UK; we had a stall from the charity with literature that people could take away with them. Mike Kingscote was the first medium to demonstrate in his usual uplifting manner. Beautiful links were made, Oliver, Sarah � Jane and Malcolm were in the wings on the platform giving their energy. All our energies blended and harmonised together you had to be there to feel it. Next was Oliver the half hour time slot just went so quickly. Mike was calling us to time. Oliver had some lovely links. Sarah-Jane came next. Sarah-Jane blew the audience away with her links. The evening was very charged with such love coming from spirit.

We then had a break when the raffle was drawn, what fantastic prizes we had. Malcolm open the next session with his link with spirit and like everyone proved that life is continuous with his uplifting links. Lesleigh was working on stage through out the evening drawing spirit portraits and then gave the information with the drawings. How did people see at the back you may be wondering? Lesleigh now has a camcorder, projector and screen which records Lesleigh drawing and then is shown on the screen, every one was commenting on the eyes of the person, as they look like they move.

The oil painting was auctioned at the evening and went to the highest bidder. Me, I had fell in love with the painting as it was in our home for a while, I paid £100 for it. Everyone was very nervous but they showed that when you trust in spirit you can move mountains and overcome your nerves. We all had a beautiful evening. People where sharing their stories at the end of the evening as all the mediums stayed behind to chat to people.

I would like to thank Mike, Oliver Sarah-Jane and Malcolm for agreeing to be part of the evening and give their time freely to a great cause. Bill Forrester for painting the oil painting of the North American Indian. Diane and Carol for the fantastic fragrances used in the raffle, all those who put a prize on the table who are anominious and Julianna from paradise music who donated the Cd�s that we sold at the evening. Thank you Mick and Jan for the beautiful flowers you presented me with they are still alive, I�m sure spirit are looking after them. All those who displayed the poster and spoke about the event. The radio stations who announced it and the news papers for printing an article about the event. People are still donating money to the charity the final total that I am sending to the charity is over £600 and we are waiting for the last few promised donations. Thank you all so very much, In memory to all those who have passed to spirit from this disease, who I am sure where there that evening.

Thank you all for your love, support and encouragement.


Mediums Michael Kingscote, Oliver Swann, Sarah Jane Boden, Malcolm Putland & Spirit Artist Lesleigh Badgery

The reason this event happened
Harvey William Bassett
The following is a description of events leading up to the diagnoses of Meningitis, and the subsequent return to being a healthy little boy.

Harvey is the younger of two sons born to Alexandra (Alex) the wife of our youngest son Jeff. Harvey was born on 16th October 2007. He was born a normal healthy baby, fed on mother�s milk.
When he was just three weeks old his behaviour and well being gave Alex cause for concern, so she called out the �Emergency� doctor (this was because it was late on Friday night) he took a look at Harvey and said that in his opinion he was suffering the effects of a �bug� and prescribed antibiotics. Harvey seemed to improve during the following day, but that night and the following morning he again showed the behaviour that prompted the calling of the doctor previously.
Alex again called the emergency doctor (Sunday morning) who looked at Harvey, and concluded that his behaviour was a result of the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor who previously saw Harvey.
It�s worth noting that neither doctor actually examined Harvey physically.
Alex was simply not convinced by the doctor�s diagnosis, and after convincing Jeff that she was not over-reacting (she had no idea what might be wrong), they took Harvey to Worthing Hospital whereupon the hospital doctor examined him, and immediately suspected Meningitis, and further tests confirmed his diagnosis.
The staff at Worthing hospital said that Harvey would remain in a private ward for a period of at least two weeks and be under constant monitoring, arrangements were made for Alex to stay at the hospital for the duration of his treatment.
Harvey made a complete recovery and subsequent tests have revealed no untoward after effects. He remains a beautiful and perfect little boy, thanks to both his mother�s resolute insistence and unshaken belief that something was positively wrong, and the diligence shown by the magnificent staff at Worthing hospital.
The year 2007 provisional figures indicate that 2,168 cases of all forms of bacterial meningitis were provisionally recorded in the UK. 217 died, 278 of those who survived were left with a permanent disability such as loss of limbs, blindness, deafness or brain damage. So therefore roughly speaking 23% of those who catch Meningitis will either Die or suffer permanent disability.

Remember Meningitis can kill in less than 4 Hours�

A recent survey found that 38% of parents believe that there children had been vaccinated against all forms of Meningitis, despite there being no vaccine against Meningitis B the most common form, it causes 90% of all cases in the UK

The Aim of Meningitis UK is to raise £7m in 7 years for research